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At IF YOU DARE.. we believe that your accessories should elevate your look, with minimal effort involved. Our eye catching pieces are made for the innovators of fashion, the neck breakers and the ground shakers. What started as a hobby, making earrings and selling to co workers, has now turned into a flourishing statement accessory brand. IF YOU DARE reminds us to think outside the box and to have fun while expressing ones individual style. Selected items can now be found on Amazon and in store at Merge Co located in Phipps Plaza Atlanta,GA.




Janae' , FOUNDER & DESIGNER of If You Dare has always been a trendsetter. Born and raised in Indiana she was inspired by her late friend Charlese - they would wear oversized hoop earrings, bangled bracelets to their elbows, and DIY belts, just to name a few. It was 2014 when Janae relocated to Georgia with hopes of becoming a Fashion Buyer but soon realizes school wasn't the route she wanted to take. She was introduced to a popular Fashion Designer who eventually hired her to work as  an assistant in Buckhead, Atlanta. It was in that position where she learned about Entrepreneurship and immediately fell in love. Sketches of earring designs were drawn in the fitting rooms at her retail job and most of her free time was spent at local craft stores purchasing earring supplies. She would accessorize her outfits daily and people started noticing her unique designs. The overwhelming amount of inquires encouraged her to start the brand you all know as IF YOU DARE.